If you didn’t know by now, these news will definitely change your life: WhatsApp is now available on laptops and personal computers! We know that the company already has 600 million users up to date who will be definitely enjoying a new WhatsApp experience.

The unexpected improvement was announced on Facebook, which sounds pretty normal considering that WhatsApp founder Jan Koum sold the service to the giant last year, for $19 billion.

The new extension of the messaging service is called WhatsApp Web, and it’s currently working only on Chrome OS and in Google Chrome for Linux, Mac and Windows. According to the official website, the web version for the other browsers is ‘coming soon’.

Install WhatsApp Web on your PC or Chromebook

However, WhatsApp Web is not going to replace its mobile version, as they are pretty tied up together. Your phone number is also your identity here, as opposed to services like Google Hangouts or Skype. So, in order to use WhatsApp Webb, you’re going to have the mobile version installed on your smartphone.

Also, remember that your smartphone must have an internet connection and be connected in order for the web service to respond. This can be pretty tricky, because if your phone runs out of battery, then so will your active conversations.

How to use WhatsApp Web

An updated app is rolling out today on Windows Phone, Blackberry 10 and Android. iPhone owners are left out of the fun owing to what Jan Koum calls ‘platform limitations’.

Bad news for the iPhone users, seems like Jan Koum left them out of the fun, because of  ‘platform limitations’. As for the others, an updated version has been released a few days ago for BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone and Android.

In order to sign in to WhatsApp Web from Chromebook or PC, open Google Chrome, go to the WhatsApp website, and then scan the QR code that will show on the screen of your mobile WhatsApp. Now you can get started!

whatsapp for chrome

As soon as you will see it, you will understand why the Chrome only ‘stamp’ has been put on it; apart from looking exactly like the tablet version of the Android app, it also uses Material Design language in spades, from Google.

Updates of the chats will instantly appear on both your mobile and your PC, being carried in both the threads.

You can also use the other features if you want to, as you can normally send attachments, make photos with your webcam, record short voice clips, and even emojis are available. Further more, you can set up desktop notifications so that you could receive alerts when a new message is in; all you have to do is go to the Notification Center.

So, this is it! Now you can enjoy big screen conversations with your friends, and after that, don’t forget to tell us how was your experience with WhatsApp Web.