One of the most appealing things when it comes to Chromebooks is their lightweight and the possibility to carry them around pretty much just like you would do with a tablet. The best part that comes from this, is the ability to enjoy your media files or favorite music wherever you go. That being said, and since there are a lot of users who would like to install Spotify on their Chromebook we decided to write a small tutorial and teach you how. Some users that are new to using Spotify on Chromebook would ask why would be that so hard?  The answer is quite simple. When a random user tries to install Spotify on their Chromebook they will find out that the app is compatible only with operating systems like Mac or Windows. Since you do not want anything else for listening to your favorite music or you already created some playlists that you love with Spotify, do not despair. We have a solution for you!

How To Get Spotify On Chromebook

Although a native app for Chromebook is not yet available, Spotify does support web playing, although many users can not see this in their accounts. You have to activate the feature first:

Login using your credentials the visit this link In case Chrome redirects you the US page it means that the Spotify web player is not available for the current user.

Go to the accounts settings by clicking on your account in the upper right part of the webpage.

Now you have to manually enable Facebook then follow the steps provided to sync it with Spotify. After you are done your account will be linked to your Facebook account

Go ahead and activate the beta web player feature using Facebook again. After you are don you should be directly redirected to Spotify web player on Chromebook.

Add the link to your bookmarks by clicking the Star icon in Chrome.

Use this url whenever you want to listen to music online. You won’t have to install any other Spotify app on Chromebook nor download other clients. You are now set to go!

I’m currently writing this piece and listening to Disney music from my HP Chromebook 14. Let me know if you managed  to get Spotify working on your Chromebook and leave a comment with the name of the first song you enjoyed after finishing with my guide. Cheers!

Update: Spotify can also run as a native app on Chromebooks that have Google Play Store support!