The Samsung Chromebook Pro has been the Chromebook most people were waiting for this quarter and it’s been finally released a few days ago. Unfortunately it seems like the software isn’t really finished, as Google has let a really serious bug pass through.

If you open many tabs (usually more than 10), chances are your Samsung Chromebook Pro will freeze or even reboot. And the chances are pretty high, or we wouldn’t write about it. Also using Android apps can cause the same bug. This seems to be somehow related to a poor memory management or garbage collection, though it’s not very clear yet.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a really powerful Chromebook otherwise and it should handle a lot of tabs open without a problem, if it wasn’t for this bug.

What I find disturbing about this is that Samsung is marketing this Chromebook as a great device for Android apps, while the feature is still in beta, and, as you can see, is still pretty buggy. Companies should refrain from promoting their devices through beta features, especially Samsung, after the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco.

Hopefully Google will act fast and fix this really annoying bug, though I’m not entirely sure it won’t take a few months to do it. The Chrome team seems to be very involved in fixing the bugs, though, so I’m optimistic. If it was for the Android team, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a great Chromebook otherwise and it would be the best pick probably, if it wasn’t for this bug. We will refrain from recommending it until Google does something about this.