Chromebooks are based on Linux, but the user is very limited, because they are sandboxed, so you can’t do much with your device. Fortunately, Crouton allows you to bypass this and install either a full-fledged Debian or Ubuntu distribution of Linux on your device.

One of the advantages of Chrome OS is security. Not allowing you to do much on it, you are safe from basically all malware and the only risk you are exposed to are malicious Chrome extensions and Android apps.

You should know that Crouton will allow you to install either Debian or Ubuntu, but you will be exposed to more security risks. While those risks aren’t as high as using a Windows computer, they shouldn’t be ignored.

How to install Crouton

Installing Crouton is pretty easy. First you have to enable Developer Mode on your Chromebook and we have a tutorial for this which can be found here. Make sure to follow the guide thoroughly to make sure you don’t mess anything up.

Then you just have to download Crouton from Github, which is located here. Once you download it, you will then be able to use the command line and install either Debian or Ubuntu.

How to install Ubuntu or Debian on your Chromebook

Fortunately we have a guide to help you install either Debian or Ubuntu on your Chromebook. If you want more stability and security, I recommend Debian, though Ubuntu can be more user-friendly, so if you’re not an experienced Linux user you should give it a try first.

In order to install Debian or Ubuntu on your Chromebook, head over to our tutorial here.