If you’re a Lenovo Chromebook C330 user and you wish to restore it to its factory settings, then this is the tutorial you need to follow.

The Chromebook laptops are fast and reliable, but from time to time these are starting to show signs of fatigue due to various reasons like too many installed extensions, no internal storage free space, and similar other problems.

Before starting the factory reset because of bad Chromebook performance you should try and disable all extensions one by one, in order to see if you can find the problem. Feel free to go to the Settings menu, open the Extensions tab and disable each extension one at a time.

Also, you can choose to uninstall all extensions and see if that fixes the problems you’re encountering, so that you won’t be forced to wipe clean the entire laptop storage.

You should backup all the important data before starting the Factory Reset of your Lenovo Chromebook device, as no file is going to survive the wiping process. Make sure to backup all your data to your Drive cloud storage first and then read the tutorial below.

If you can’t access your Google Drive account in order to backup the files, then you should try and backup all important local data on to an external storage like a microSD or an external HDD.

How to Powerwash Lenovo Chromebook C330:

METHOD 1: Factory Reset the Chromebook while logged out of your account

  1. Log out of your device, or if you’re already logged out, then ignore this first step.
  2. Press and hold simultaneously the following keys: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R
  3. Select and confirm Restart option.
  4. A new box will load, click the Powerwash option.
  5. Click Continue to confirm the process.

Now the Chromebook Lenovo C330 will reboot and wipe all the data from its storage completely.

METHOD 2: Powerwash the device using Settings Menu

  1. Log into your Chromebook account.
  2. Click the account photo located on the home screen taskbar.
  3. Click the Settings gear icon.
  4. Scroll down and find the Advanced options.
  5. Find Powerwash section. Click Powerwash, and then click Restart option.
  6. In the new box that loads you can click Powerwash, then click Continue option.
    The Chromebook will reboot in normal mode and the new account you enter will become the Owner account.

These were all the steps you had to take to complete the factory reset for your device. If you need more help you can tell us in comments below.