The instructions below will teach you how to manually factory reset the HP Chromebook X2 in under ten minutes.

If your HP Chromebook X2 has started to run slowly or it has developed some errors that are damaging your ChromeOS experience.

It is highly recommended for you to factory reset your device in case the “reset this Chrome device”, restarting the device isn’t working anymore, you wish to change the Owner account of the device, or you simply wish to refresh the installed OS.

Before wiping all the data from your device because it has started to run slowly and lag you should try and disable all extensions one by one. If that fixes all the problems and your HP Chromebook X2 works like it did before, then you won’t be forced to delete all the data anymore.

Before starting the factory reset you should create backups for all the important data files that are stored on your laptop.

How to Factory Reset HP Chromebook X2:

METHOD1Powerwash Laptop using Shortcut Keys

  1. Log out of your account first.
  2. Next, press and hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R
  3. Click the Restart option.
  4. Now a new screen will load: select Powerwash. After that click Continue.
    – wait for the factory reset to be completed successfully.
  5. After the powerwash is done you need to follow the steps shown on the laptop’s screen.
    – the new profile you use to setup the device will become the Owner account.

After the factory reset has been completed you are done with this post and you can start installing all your favorite extensions.

METHOD 2: Apply the Factory Reset from Settings menu

  1. Log into your Chromebook home page.
  2. Click the Account photo on the taskbar.
  3. Click the Settings gear icon.
  4. Scroll down and find Advanced Options. Open them.
  5. Find the “Powerwash” section, click Powerwash and then Restart.
  6. A new box will load: click again Powerwash and then Continue.
    Follow the steps shown by your device after the restart.

These were all the steps you had to follow in order to make sure that your device has been wiped completely.

If you need any extra help you can tell us in comments below.