If you are looking to manually factory reset your ASUS Chromebox 3 you can use the tutorial listed below to learn how to do it easily.

If your Chromebox 3 device by ASUS has started to run worse than before, then you should try and factory reset it. In case you’re not so eager to remove all the data from your device, then you should try and disable all the installed extensions.

Also, note that in case you have installed similar extensions that are doing basically  the same thing, then this might make your Chromebox performance sluggish, as your browse will constantly try to run all the same extensions at the same time.

If you wish to factory reset your Chromebox 3, then you first should create backups for all the important files. Note that you can backup files to your Google Drive account, or you can move them to an external storage in case you can’t connect to the internet.

How to Powerwash ASUS Chromebox 3

METHOD 1: Factory Reset shortcut keys

  1. Log your of your Chromebox profile.
  2. Press and hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R
  3. Click the Restart option from the screen that pops up.
  4. A new box will appear, click Powerwash and click Continue.

Now your ASUS Chromebox 3 will take care of the rest of the process automatically. Note that the first profile you enter will become the Owner account.

METHOD 2: Powerwash Chromebox from Settings menu

  1. Sign in to your device.
  2. Click the account profile photo on the taskbar.
  3. Now click on the Settings gear icon.
  4. Scroll down and find the Advanced options.
  5. Find the “reset settings” section.
  6. Click the Powerwash option. After that click Restart.
  7. A new screen loads, click again Powerwash.
  8. Click Continue to confirm the process.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to complete the ASUS Chromebox 3 powerwash process. In case you need any more help completing this guide, then you can use the comments field.