Google has released the new Split Screen function for Tablet Mode on Chromebooks. If you wish to learn how to use it, then you should check the instructions listed in this post.

When using the Tablet Mode, on a Chromebook device, every time you would open an app, browser or other screen, then you would see the opened app occupying the entire screen. Up until now, the Split Screen function could’ve been enabled only in Developer Mode and by running a specific command line.

Now that the Split Screen feature is available in Chrome OS stable channels you will be able to multitask easier and better than before. This was a really sought after function by Chromebook users, as it was already supported by similar Android, iOS and Windows similar devices.

The Split Screen feature can be enabled and disable from the Chrome browser’s “flags” tab along with other great functions and options. More on how to do this can be found below.

How to enable Split View in Tablet Mode for Chromebook:

  • enter the following text in the Chrome browser address bar: chrome://flags
  • type split view in the search bar.
  • click the Enable button.
  • reboot the browser and the changes should have been applied.

Once Tablet Mode enabled with Split View, you can access it by pressing the overview button from the taskbar, and then re-adjusting the windows by dragging and moving them as you wish. Each window is separated by a black bar that allows you to resize them all at the same time.

In order to remove or hide a window from the Split Screen mode you can simply drag it towards a side of the screen. The hidden window will then be accessible once again by opening once again the Overview screen. If you need more help using this feature feel free to tell us in comments below.