Google has released the latest Chrome OS version 70 and this one brings tons of new cool features and functions that will greatly improve your Chromebook experience. Note that this release is currently rolled out for the Dev Channel users.

All the changes that you will find in this post you will find yourself on the stable channel of the Chrome OS 70 when this gets released globally. At this moment, if you want to experience all the new features you will have to use the Dev Channel for your Chromebook device.

One of the major new feature added in this release that you will experience on your Chromebook will be the Shelf and Settings window. With Chrome OS 70 you will notice that the Settings window will feature a dark mode, round icons and toggles for various actions.

Also, all the notifications will now be listed at the top of the pop-up Settings tray menu. This new menu is a complete copy of Android Pie, that has already been shown on smartphones supporting said smartphone OS.

The Files App has been slightly redesigned and it now looks cleaner and makes file browsing easier than before. A new cool thing that you will find in Chrome OS 70 is going to be the new Wallpaper Picker app that follows Material Design guidelines, which makes it cleaner and much more user-friendly that before.

Most changes added in Chrome OS 70 are available for the Chromebook tablet mode. A new thing that we will see in this new version is going to be the App Launcher that has seen a major redesign. Now, in Chrome OS 70, App Launcher features larger icons, faster and smoother scrolling, quick shortcuts for easier access to specific menus and settings sections of your device.

Some new Multitasking features have been added, too, as you can now swipe down from the top of the screen and you will be taken to a new menu showing all the opened apps. From the multitasking menu you will be able to drag apps to either side of the screen and Split View menu will start like it does on Windows 10 and iOS devices.

Another great thing about Chrome OS 70 is that it features a floating virtual keyboard, function that now allows you to easily move it around in order to enter text when required. There are tons of other extra new functions and features in this new Chrome OS v70 release, and we will review them all in the following days.

Chrome OS version 70 will be released in October, when Google will also launch their new laptops and smartphones. If you don’t want to wait until October, then feel free to change your Chrome OS channel to Developer and all new features will be installed in under ten minutes. Feel free to leave a comment below in case you know of other great Chrome OS 70 features that you wish to share with us.