Today we bring an end of a long period of speculations involving Google’s Andromeda OS. Making a one size fits all OS is something considered a holy grail nowadays as all major players like Apple are slowly but surely making their mobile iOS and desktop MacOS closer and closer until the will eventually merge. Another example is Windows 10, no need to detail on Microsoft’s ambitions there. But what happened with Google’s plan to unite all Android powered devices and Chromebook under one operating system – Andromeda?

While the rumor mill regarding Google’s efforts to fuse Android and Chrome OS into the Andromeda project started to produce news at the start of the past year, now, according to new reports the whole platform is not longer in the works .

According to many publications, Chrome OS and Android enthusiasts would witness the launch of Andromeda somewhere in October 2016 but obviously it was not the case. Stephen Hall from 9to5 Google has recently found out from two distinct sources that the Mountain View company’s efforts to merge all devices under a single OS have halted. At least for the time being. But does this mean the end of Andromeda-like projects in the future? Probably not. Given the current trend well demonstrated for several years now by powerful competitors like Apple and Microsoft it would be absurd to believe that the end of Andromeda also means Google’s plans developing the idea behind the project are also dead.

Stephen Hall simply thinks that the whole thing simply translates into relocating the company’s efforts towards a similar approach called Fuchsia (the Silicon Valley search engine’s shot at a one size fits all platform designed for all screen sizes). On the other hand, if we think that Fuchsia is not a mix between Chrome OS and Android we can securely state it is an entirely new project.

In the end what is the purpose of designing two platforms that ultimately aim to achieve the same things. It would be a waste of time and effort.

Today it seems Fuchsia has won and Chrome OS survives to see another day.