Did you know that now you can initiate Facebook Video Calls from a brand new Chromebook? Yes, now you don‘t need to install any plugin or make any special arrangements on the device.

Thanks to a new feature being implemented on Facebook, Chrome OS users can now initiate video-call chats directly from the social network, without having to make any particular modifications or changes.

As you probably know already, as a Chromebook user you first have to install a plugin in order to video chat on Facebook, a plugin available only for Mac OS X and Windows.

So, if both the caller and the person called use browsers with WebRTC functions, such as Opera, Mozilla or Google Chrome, the video chat feature on Facebook will work automatically.

How Facebook video chat for Chromebook works

First, open Chrome, go to Facebook and log in with your regular account information.

Let’s say that you’re logging in to Facebook, the usual way, and want to call a friend, so you’re opening the chat window and clicking on the camera icon from its upper right corner. Then, a separate window opens and the video call is initiated.

If you did not use this feature by now, then Facebook will ask you to ‘Allow’ the service to use the microphone and webcam. So, click it and go ahead with your call.


After the call is initiated, you have the possibility to turn off your camera and microphone while you wait the other person to answer. After the callee will pick up, you two will be connected. Pretty easy, right?

To end the call either click the red phone icon or close the window. That’s all there is to it!

Of course, for ending the call all you have to do is close the window or hit the red phone button on it. So there you have it, you just read all you needed to know about Facebook Video Calling on Chromebook.

We know that it took a long time for this to also be available on Chromebook devices, but we believe it was worth the wait. Now we have one more reason to keep ourselves hooked on the device.

So, tell us what you think! Have you toyed with it yet?