Have you ever found yourself in the situation of accidentally deleting all your Chrome  bookmarks ? Well, we’ve got a trick on how to restore them, especially when they haven’t been backed up yet. This works on Windows 7. Here’s how you can restore some deleted Chrome bookmarks, a trick that certainly works on Windows 7. Using this solution we were able to recover the deleted Chrome bookmarks that weren’t backed up.

If you’ve tried recovering deleted Chrome bookmarks before, you know that one of the recommendations is to swap two files between them, namely the “Bookmarks” and “Bookmarks.bak”. But in some cases this recommendation might not work, especially if the two have the same recent timestamp and seem to have the same size. You can easily tell by a look a their size, that they don’t have the necessary back ups.

The solution that worked in this matter, was not Chrome related, but Windows related. The good part is that during restore points, Windows 7 backs up user files as well as system files and the backup file is pretty easy to understand. So, if you have never payed much attention to this feature, now would be a good time to learn more about the System Restore.

In order to recover Chrome bookmarks, you have to recover the folder where they were saved, more precisely in User Data, which can be found under the pathway C:\Users\<Windows userid>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\ . So, if you are using the Chrome version 39.0.2171.95, you will be able to follow these steps.

The following steps are easy, all you have to do is to right-click on the User Data folder and open Properties. If you go to Previous Versions tab, you should find a list of backups. Now highlight the folder you need to restore and hit the Restore button. If that folder can still be accessed in the system, you will receive a message to announce you that “The folder has been successfully restored to the previous version”.

After finishing the process, we also recommend that you make another backup of the folder. And another thing, before recovering the User Data files, completely close all functions of Google Chrome.

After the backup, we noticed that the User Data went from 150 MB to about 490 MB. The other part of the information was saved in a new folder, named Default. Practically, by using this solution to recover your deleted Chrome browser bookmarks, you will merge the files that Windows restores with those that haven’t yet been backed up, meaning that this is more of a hack than an actual restore.

Chrome might not function right the first time you use it after the process: it might tell you that it has quit unexpectedly and ask you to sign in again.

But if you want to get rid of this process in time,  you should save your bookmarks in an HTML file. It’s easy, just go to Import/Export bookmarks.

We have also tried recovering deleted Chrome bookmarks on Windows 8, but it won’t work the same and this is because the Restore Points of this OS doesn’t have the option to also save user files.

Another way you can restore the deleted Chrome bookmarks is using an image backup. So, if you are one of those people who make timely image backups of their computers, you will be able to see the files existent in an older backup and copy them from the image backup to a PC.