Google will soon launch the Chrome OS 70 upgrade for all its Chromebook users, and with it there will be native support for Windows file sharing (SMB files), so that you won’t be forced to use extensions anymore.

After the Chrome OS 70 reaches your device you will be getting full support for opening SMB files right from the Files application. Also, besides this change, Google is trying to integrate Android file access even better than before, so that every Chromebook user will be able to connect all of his data files for the first time ever.

By getting SMB support ( Microsoft file sharing ) all the Chromebooks will be able to open data from file servers one might use at his work, and easier access to storage devices currently on one’s home, such as Windows PCs. After this new Chrome OS 70 update reaches all the Chrome OS devices you will be able to access any file that you’ve added to your network storage on Windows computers.

Up until now the Windows files sharing has been possible thanks to a small Chrome extension called Network File Share for Chrome OS, but its a solution not so reliable, as there tons of reviews reporting errors and bugs every time they are trying to use it. In case you wish to test this new feature, then you will need to run a Developer (canary) version of Chrome browser, as that one has already been updated to version 70.

The new Chrome OS 70 update will reach all Chromebook devices in October, and besides the new Windows file sharing native support, you will also get a redesigned user interface, better memory management, a faster and smoother browsing experience, and tons of other changes that will greatly improve your Chromebook experience.

Tell us in comments below what you think about these new changes. Also, feel free to list some of your favorite new features and changes that Google will add in Chrome OS 70.