Google has released the official new Chrome OS version 68 for all users on Stable channels. Check your device’s About section to see if the release is available in your region, too.

Chrome OS new update version is set at 68.0.3440.118 (platform version: 10718.88.2), and it should already be available for download all Stable Channel users. If you don’t know what Stable, Beta, or Dev channels are, then you are surely running the Stable one. If the update notification hasn’t arrived for you, then do not worry, as it will surely arrive before the end of this week.

This Chrome OS version 68 was already published several weeks ago, but due to some ugly bugs, that made some Chromebooks experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Google pulled the firmware update to work on it. Now that the Chrome OS 68 bugs have been fixed they decided that the release should go ahead, as they are already preparing version 69 for release. Chrome OS 69 should be ready for release next month.

Check the following list of Chrome OS 68 update supported devices to see if your device supports the bump to a newer firmware version. Note that the update requires you to use a Wi-Fi connection in order to complete the download, as it is a fairly large one. Use CTRL + F to easily verify if your Chromebook device is listed below.

Acer models: C7 Chromebook C710, C720 Chromebook, Chromebase, Chromebase 24, Chromebook 13 CB5-311, Chromebook 15 CB3-531, Chromebox, Chromebox CXI2. AOpen: Chromebase Commercial and Chromebox Commercial. ASI Chromebook. ASUS: Chromebit CS10, Chromebook C200MA, Chromebook C201PA, Chromebook C300MA, Chromebox CN60, Chromebox CN62.

Other models: Bobicus Chromebook 11, Chromebook 11 C730/ CB3-111, Chromebook 11 C735, Consumer Chromebook, Crambo Chromebook, CTL N6 Education Chromebook, Education Chromebook, Dell Chromebook 11 – 3120, eduGear Chromebook R, Edxis Chromebook, Edxis Education Chromebook. Google Chromebook Pixel, Haier Chromebook 11 G2, HEXA Chromebook Pi, JP Sa Couto Chromebook. M&A Chromebook, RGS Education Chromebook, Senkatel C11001 Chromebook, True IDC Chromebook, Videonet Chromebook, Toshiba Chromebook and Toshiba Chromebook2.

HP Chromebook 11 models: 1100 – 1199 (G1), 2000 – 2099 (G2), 2100 – 2199 (G3), and 2200 – 2299 G4/ G4 EE. HP Chromebook 14 models: Standard model, ak000 – 099 (G4), x000 – x999 (G3).

Lenovo models: 100S Chromebook, N20 Chromebook, N21 Chromebook, Thinpad 11e Chromebook, Thinkpad X131e Chromebook. LG Chromebase models 22CB25S and 22CV241. Samsung models: Chromebook original edition, Chromebook 2 11″, Chromebook 2 13″.

In order to install the new Chrome OS version 68 update you simply need to go to Settings> About section. Click the Check for updates button, and if there is a new update ready for installation confirm the download. If an update is available your Chromebook should finish the process by itself.