What you see in front of your eyes while working can sometimes prove inspiring and this is why today we will reveal some of the best free chromebook backgrounds and wallpapers around the web. Before we go ahead and reveal the actual images and download links, I would like to teach some of the new Chromebook user how exactly they can change their wallpaper image.

There are actually 2 ways you can change the image on your homescreen.

Go to your desktop and perform a right click (I know it’s different from what you were accustomed to, in Chrome OS, right clicking is done by tapping – double tap once on the touchpad or you can hold down the Alt key and single tap the touchpad). In the right click menu you will find Wallpapers. Here you will be surprised to find several good Chromebook backgrounds organized by category. Personally I sticked with those for a couple of months before searching the web for new ones (the built in selection is really nice).

If you did not find anything worthy for you desktop, you can also select a custom one by clicking on the button with a plus symbol on it. A new window will open with the file manager so you are now able to select any image of your choosing provided it’s of suitable resolution. It’s best to chose images with a greater resolution than that of your display pannel, for obvious reasons.

The alternate method of changing the background or wallpaper of your Chromebook is by directly going to the fille manager app, locating the desired image (again make sure it has a proper resolution) then click on Set Wallpaper.

In case you do not have images stored on your machine or the you find the built ones something not that appealing  we compiled a list of websites that offer a really good selection.

Best Chromebook Backgrounds And Wallpapers

  1. Wallpapercave
  2. PixelStalk
  3. Wallpaperscraft
  4. Pexels

Last but not least in case you want something more art orientated, Google has developed a plugin that will deliver you a new Chromebook background inspired form an art masterpiece every day. The plugin is called Google Wallpaper Art. You will be greeted each day with desktop images from the Google Cultural Institute representing works ranging from Van Gogh, Monet all the way to contemporary art.

Did you find what you were looking for? Feel free to shoot us an email with other beautiful websites that host high resolution images so we can add to the list.