In this post you can find some of the best Chrome Extensions for you to install on your browser and improve your Chromebook experience.

Google Chrome is the default browser that is packed on your Chromebook, which means that we will post extensions that are supported by this type of device. If you want to improve your Chromebook browsing experience, then check out the following Chrome extensions and see which one meets your needs.

No Coin – Block miners on the web!

Recently it has been discovered that some websites are using browsers to mine cryptocurrency for their own profit, which makes these become malware. You can download and install No Coin from here.

No Coin is capable of blocking any websites featuring cryptocurrency mining tools from drawing power from your computer. Make sure to enable No Coin in incognito mode, too.

Session Buddy

This is a great tool you can use to save and manage multiple browsing sessions without needing to constantly browse your history page. Session Buddy also supports the recovery of opened tabs after the Chromebook crashes or you accidentally restart it, or whenever Chrome is unable to restore these pages by itself.

Open as many tabs as you wish, then just click Session Buddy to organize saved tabs by topics, then click the save button and set a name for the session, so that you will be able to restore them when needed.

Get Session Buddy from the Chrome Web Store here.

Dark Reader

If you’re looking to improve your nightly browsing sessions, then you should try the Dark Reader extension to relieve your eyes of seeing pages upon pages of whiteness.

Dark Reader is capable of adjusting the brightness and contrast of each website you visit. Also, you can change fonts and add websites to ignore lists in case some websites don’t allow Dark Reader to change any of these settings.

Note that in case you already have another similar extension installed, then you should disable them when using Dark Reader, as that will create conflict between the apps and the intended effect will not be obtained. Get Dark Reader from here.

Panic Button

This extension allows you to close all opened tabs all at once by pressing a single button. In case you’re at work, school, or some other place where you shouldn’t visit specific website, but you still do, then you can close all of them easily using the Panic Button extension capabilities.

Panic Button can be grabbed from here. Note that you can also restore tabs you recently closed. Also, you can delete the closed tabs by going to Chrome> Other Bookmarks folder and removing the “temporary-Panic” folder.


This is one of the best tools you could use again procrastinating at work. StayFocusd contains all the features and functions you could ever wish to use in order to defeat procrastination.

This extension allows you to block certain websites from being accessed at specific time intervals, as you can set schedules, and more. Get it from here.

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you’re looking for a small, reliable, and easy to sue tool to remotely connect to other computers, then you should try the Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

Note that this extension has to be installed on both computers in order to work.

Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to gain access to other computers using a single key code provided by the remote computer. It is a great tool for those that need quick remote tech support that it is also 100% secure. Get it from here.

Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome

This tool is similar to the above StayFocusd extension, but you can also now use the Hyper mode that allows you to block websites using the Pomodoro Method – this allows you block specific websites for 25 minutes which is interrupted for a 5 minute break.

Block Site is also capable of blocking suspicious websites with tons of ads, and other similar ugly content. You can also use the “Block Adult Site with a single click” function to prevent your kids from accessing any mature content when using the PC.

Also, Block Site allows you to set some websites to redirect you to other addresses, so that it will prevent you from accessing unwanted content while working like social media websites. Get Block Site from here.

uBlock Origin

One of the most efficient ad blockers currently found on the web. uBlock Origin is free to use and it doesn’t use too much RAM memory. Also, it allows you to whitelist sides that do need the ad-revenue while featuring quality content, “wink-wink”. Ublock origin can be downloaded and installed from here for your Chromebook device.

PixelBlock – Mail Tracker Disabler

There are users who wish to know when someone opens an email, and for that they are adding trackers in their sent emails. The email trackers are basically 1-pixel large pictures added to an email, and when accessed or shown they are telling the sender that the email has been opened.

If you wish to be protected against this, then feel free to install PixelBlock and prevent any sender from knowing when you open/ read an email. Get PixelBlock from here.

The Great Suspender

When installed this Chrome extension will freeze tabs that haven’t been used for some time, and takes you back to a specific page when you refresh said page. It is a great extension as it saves memory and it doesn’t overload your computer’s performance.

The Great Suspender is capable of reducing Chrome’s need for hogging all the memory for itself by suspending unused tabs and allowing you to reload said tabs when accessed by a single click of the mouse. Get The Great Suspender from here.

Fakespot – Analyze Fake Amazon Review

This is a small tool you can add to your Chrome browser in order to learn which Amazon reviews are real and which are the product of various bots. There are tons of companies who are paying programmers to create bots to review and hype their products, so you should use this tool in order to get a true idea on what a product has to offer.

The full version allows the Fakespot Grade to show up on the visited page, instead of opening a new tab like it does on the version. This means that you’re not forced to buy the full version, as you aren’t losing any functions by using the free version of Fakespot. Get the extension from here.

The Camelizer

This extension provides a tool that allows you to easily check historical data about the prices of all products sold on Amazon. Also, The Camelizer allows you to enter you email and get notifications when the price of a product you follow drops.

Get The Camelizer from here. Note that some products might not be listed by this app, as data for some cannot be collected at this moment, or the product is not in stock. Not everyone has reported this, but it has happened to me on more than one occasion.


Momentum for Chrome is a tool that allows you to replace the new tab page with a cool and not-boring page that is capable of displaying wallpapers from around the world. Also, it shows the time, data, weather, and a cool small quote to get you ready for your work day.

Get Momentum from here. This tool allows you to set other small widgets, too, like tasks, to-do lists, forecast, daily goals, and more.

Make Google Image Search Great Again

Google has removed the “View Image” and “Search by image” buttons from the Google Image search results, and this extension brings them both back for you to use. It seems like the explication for the removal of these two terms from Google Image Search was done after Getty Images complained to Google that copyright infringement was done way too easily using these two specific buttons.

Get the extension from here. Note that you might need to restart the browser after installing the extension for it to work.

AlienTube for YouTube

This extension is destined for Reddit users who want to get rid of YouTube comments, and instead get the comments of specific YouTube videos that have been posted on Reddit. If you’ve recently taken a look at YouTube comments, and you’re a redditor, then this change should be the best thing that will happen to you this week.

Get AlienTube for YouTube from here. Note that it can be enabled for Vimeo comments, too.

Earth View from Google Earth

Google Earth developers have released this extension for Chrome users who want to feature a new Google Earth satellite image on their New Tab page. Another great thing about this extension is that it allows you to view the last ten images shown before, so in case you’ve opened one and liked it, then you can go back and see it again.

Get the extension from here. Note that you have to disable any other different photo tabs from Chrome before enabling the Earth View from Google Earth.

Google Translate

In case you don’t want to open a new tab and go to every time you visit a foreign-written website, then you can use the Google Translate extension. This tool allow you to translate chunks of text on the fly easily by simply highlighting the text you wish to read.

Get the Google Translate extension from here. Note that the tool allows you to eitehr show translation immediately after highlighting the text, or only after clicking the small translate icon that pops up when selecting a chunk of text.

Google Dictionary by Google

If you’ve ever found a word whose definition or meaning is unknown to you, then this tool will save you a great deal of time. This extension is capable of providing definitions for highlighted words fast and easy every time you need such information.

Get the Google Dictionary extension from here. Note that the extension will work only after you restart the browser.

Last Pass: Free Password Manager

LastPass allows you to generate, save, autofill and manage passwords easily without worrying about security. You can save all usernames and passwords you own, and the LastPass tool is capable of syncing them with your profile.

The guys behind LastPass are some of the best at what they do, and if you will never have to feel fear every time some website you use is getting hacked thinking that your password has been stolen, as you can simply launch LastPass and change it to a new one almost instantly without needing to remember it. Get the extension from here.

This was our list of the best Chrome extensions for you to use on your Chrome OS device. If you can think of other great extensions that are supported on Chromebooks, then feel free to tell us in comments.