It has been announced that Android’s Always-on VPN functions will be successfully supported by Chromebook devices in the future.

At this moment the current Chrome OS isn’t capable of using the Always-on VPN functions and they cannot secure their Chromebooks when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. This is something that a lot of users have been asking from Google, and it seems like their needs will be met in the not so distant future.

Using a VPN will always be a great thing for anyone to use in order to keep all the data secret and encrypted, so that no foreign app, website, or malicious persons will gain access to sensible files. Always-on VPN on Chromebooks will still not be supported by apps like YouTube TV or Netflix, as those are streaming services and their content is strictly location-based.

Always-on VPN support for Chromebook will be great for those companies and businesses whose employees need to connect remotely to their work files. All Device Administrators will be able to force Always-on VPN for company employees and allow them to access data remotely without worrying about it being spied on by unwanted apps, websites, and others.

The new Always-on VPN function should be released in the coming months with the stable Chrome OS updates which is great news for Chromebook users who are still relying on various VPN Chrome extensions in order to keep their data private.

Chromium developers will add Always-on VPN support via Android running on Chromebook devices, and the private connection will be then available to your device right after a short reboot before the ARC++ container even starts to run, so that you won’t be forced to redo the whole operation every time you restart your device. Check here for more info.

It hasn’t been confirmed when this new feature will hit the Chromebook devices, but it shouldn’t take too long, as this has been in development for some time now.