Welcome to MeetChrome – the website that covers all things related to Chrome. Browsing our website you will find all the latest news related to the niche as well as guides and reviews. Our goal here is exactly as the name suggests, to get you closer to our biggest love – Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

The website was founded back in 2014 when two Google Glass Explorers and a mobile app developer, decided to join forces and start reporting about their passion for Google’s new browser based operation system.

During these 3 long yet exciting years, we managed to attract and update with the latest news around 1 million readers.  We thank you for that. You are the reason behind our efforts!

Meet the team behind MeetChrome:

Andrei Riciu

One of the first Google Glass Explorers from Europe, Andrei fell in love with the Google ecosystem after purchasing his first Android powered smartphone back in 2010 (the notorious Nexus One). In the past he worked for several big news publications like Android Geeks before dedicating his full time to MeetChrome. When he is not scrapping the web for news related to Chrome OS or digging around in repositories, he spends most of his time programming or reading while petting his british shorthair cat – Luna.  He gets most of his work done aided by a Chromebook Pixel and a Samsung Chromebook Pro.

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Alex Dumitru

Alex is an ambitious web developer that states he has started coding before learning to handwrite. He is the mastermind that keeps MeetChrome up and running. He dedicates most of his time creating Chrome extensions and learning new programming languages. The decision to help bring this website to life was made after buying his Toshiba Chromebook back in 2014. It was enough for him to spot the true potential of these simple yet reliable machines after using his Chromebook for coding on the go during a long train ride.

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Carl Draper   

Carl has been tinkering with computers for around 15 years, mostly using Linux, has used a Chromebook as his main laptop since November 2014, and written on his own tech blog since 2008, along with guesting on other blogs. His other main interests are listening and playing music, looking at pictures of cats and debunking nonsense on the internet.

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Oana Pohrib 

Oana is a computer science student from Bucharest who loves tea breaks, cats and photography. Her future plans include getting a PhD in the machine learning field. She currently uses a Chromebook Pixel for most of her work.

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Marius Neda

A native Android app developer from Canada, Marius has been a member of the team since the first days of MeetChrome. He and Alex met at Google I/O 2014 where a strong friendship was bounded that lasts to this day. When he is not working to update one of his Android apps, Marius likes to browse forums and report about future Chromebook releases.

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Mihai Puiu

Mihai is a tech journalist who switched from Mac to a Samsung Chromebook after realizing he can get most of his work done at a fraction of the cost. When he is not guest writing for some major tech publication he will try to keep you updated with the latest news and guides here.

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