If you are a Chrome OS device owner, then you may already know that you have the possibility to cast from the Chrome browser, from Chromebooks in order to have you videos played on your big screen TV. However, what if it would be the other way around and you could cast to Chrome?

Indeed, there are some browser extensions that allow you to turn it into a Google Cast receiver, but it seems that the company is getting ready to make it an integrated function.

This is not a piece of official information, it’s just a rumor so far. Still, it appears that a modification has appeared into an experimental version of Chrome and Chrome OS. Even though it might be true, the change may to appear in the stable builds after all.

Actually, the change is associated with the files of the experimental flags. The modification appears to be adding the flag name to the list. We have to choice than to wait until it becomes official or till additional information will come up, though.