Google is currently working on adding a Night Mode to Chrome OS and it should become available pretty soon. Currently the Night Mode feature is available in the Canary version of Chrome OS and it will probably come to a stable version in a few months.

Night Mode has been a trend lately and all operating systems seem to add it this year. It’s come already to Android, Windows 10, iOS and macOS, while there have been a lot of third-party apps available for years. Night Mode reduces the display’s blue light during night time, making it easier on the eyes.

How to enable Night Mode on your Chromebook or Chromebox

If you’re using a version of Chrome OS that comes with Night Mode, enabling the feature is very easy. You have to click on the clock, which is usually located in the lower right side of the screen. In our example, the bottom taskbar is on the left, so the clock is on the lower left side of the screen.

The quick menu will open and you will find a button to enable Night Mode. Check out the screenshot below to see where you should find it.

You can easily enable and disable Night Mode whenever you want and I recommend you to use it, even if it might look odd at first. After a few hours you will get used to it and you’ll realize how useful it is.