The implementation of Material Design on Chrome and Chrome OS is, at the moment, a slow process that has to be made one step at a time. Or at least by one feature, one page or one icon at a time. And whilst most of us were waiting for a big update one time, Chrome’s team decided that the best approach was that we receive small parts in small updates. So, let’s talk about their latest update on Material Design.

The latest Chrome OS has brought a Material Design addition, which can now be seen on the Cannary channel or on the Dev Channel. If you want to check out the new design, you will have to enable it (it is hidden behind a flag) and restart the browser for the change to be visible.

Even though the new design is still a work in progress, you can get a hint on what it will look like when it’ll be done.

At a first glimpse, we can say that the new design looks a lot like Android’s settings menu, that has been revamped with Material Design. Also, the Chrome Settings Menu looks almost the same as the Android, mostly because the same colour templates are used.

chrome new design

As a final conclusion, we can say that the Material Design for Chrome OS and Chrome looks pretty cool. We can’t wait for the revamp to be completely implemented in both the operating system and the browser, especially that this new design language brings along a lot of improvements that should increase your productivity and lower the time needed for performing certain tasks. But unfortunately, we don’t have a deadline on when the final updates will be implemented.

Have you seen the new update? Tell us what do you believe about it in the comments below.