Lenovo is launching a very interesting new desktop computer named “Tiny in One”. Just as the name suggests, the concept is based on integrating the same flexibility in a tiny all-in-one as all the other regular versions sport. Considering that the device will be modular, it can be upgraded easily and reconfigured as needed. We attached a video so that it would be easier to understand how this new computer will work.

How Chrome OS works in a “Tiny”

Also, this new Lenovo line up will receive a Chrome OS option, which will be named ThinkCentre Chromebox.

We can also state that Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny PC is definitely one of the first 1L computers on the market. And considering that it arrives with a full pack of flexible mounting solution, such as support for VESA mounts, it can be easily integrated anywhere in your house (or office).

From what we know, you have the option of buying only the Chromebox but you can also buy the full package. The prices are affordable and the desktop is quite the catch if you are a Chromebook fan.

We also know that the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One will be sold at the price of $279, while the ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny will start at $199 and they will both be available sometime in June 2015. 

Besides the list of ports that will be available in the desktop, which are Ethernet, integrated DisplayPort, microphone/headphone combo jack, 4 USB 3.0, and 1 HDMI, we have no other specifications, as Lenovo has well guarded its newcomer. 

Even though we don’t know for sure what the real numbers of the Chromebox market is, we’re expecting for the ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny to be one of the most expected devices this year and to hopefully draw more attention to this industry segment, considering that its creators are well known for schooling the businesses and gaining their trust through their well oriented services and products.

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