HP is releasing their fourth Chromebook 11 generation, and this time, users will have the possibility to choose an IPS display instead of the regular one.  We found some documents that show a full description of the new release, with a hint that a 4G variant will also come along, on HP’s official website. Considering that the first appearance of HP’s Chromebook 11.6 inch was at the end of 2013, this version is the fourth revamp of the device and, of course, the best one yet.

About The Specifications 

The specifications are almost the same as the previous version, and we can easily spot the differences on the official HP document about the Chromebook 11 G4. However, if we may say it, the convertible Acer Chromebook (the C738T model) looks and feels a lot better than HP’s model.

The Chromebook 11 will be powered by an an N2340 Intel Celeron processor, an upgrade from the N2830 processor used in the previous, G3 version. Also, the memory specs will stay on the same line, meaning users will have to deal with 2 or 4 GB of RAM, and 16 or 32 GB internal memory. All of these are the standard specs.

As for the display, things get a whole new turn. As it turns out from the HP short list specs document, the G4 will have two display versions, the first one with a LED screen and an 11.6 inches diagonal, and the second one, which will only be available in US starting with the end of July, that features an IPS display with a 1366×768 resolution and the same 11.6 inches diagonal.

If you remember, HP was the first company to launch a Chromebook featuring an IPS panel, two years ago, in 2013, so this new option comes as a good addition.

The new Chromebook doesn’t have any design modifications, and we can tell that from its weight; it has the same weight as the third generation of Chromebook 11.

We’ve also heard that HP is preparing a LTE 4G version, that will only be available on some channels chosen by HP. The price will be around $219 when it will be released this month.