Google will host an event on the 4th of October where the tech giant is going to reveal several of their new products in terms of hardware. The most awaited are definitely the Pixel smartphones, but they will also launch the Daydream hardware and the Google Home Mini. Still, it seems that we are going to see a brand new Chromebook as well, called Google Pixelbook.

Rumor has it that this will be the company’s premium Chromebook device, and it will ship with a stylus, named the Pixelbook Pen. There is no question about the fact that it’s meant to rival the Surface, produced by Microsoft. If rumors are to be believed, the Pizelbook will be sol in exchange for $1299.

The news comes via Droid Life, a tech website that claims that the device will be sold in only one color option, specifically silver. When it comes to the internal storage, it will be released in 3 versions, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The site continues by giving the price for each model in particular. So, if you want to purchase the 128 GB version, you’ll have to spend $1199, the 256 GB variant will have a price of $1399, while the 512 GB one will be up for grabs at $1749.

Sadly, we don’t have any news regarding the rest of the specifications, but the panel will probably have a 3:2 aspect ratio, just like in the case of the machine’s predecessors, and the newer models made by ASUS and Samsung.

Even though there is not official conformation the new Google Pixelbook will be powered by the latest iteration of Intel’s Core i5 or Core i7. In case you are not familiar with the matter, the device can also be folded into a table, similar to the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus manufactured by Samsung.

It appears that the stylus will not be included in the price of the machine and people will have to purchase it separately for $99. Also according to the rumors, the Pixelbook Pen will be pressure sensitive without having any lag.

Honestly, there is little chance that the Pixelbook will be released at the upcoming event, but we hope that the officials will provide us with info concerning the date when it will become available at least, on October 4th. The said event will be held in San Francisco. Anyway, the Pixelbook will be one of the few Chromebooks actually made by Google as most of them have been produced in a partnership with other companies.

  • Do Do

    LMFAO they can keep it at that price, it would be expensive at half that price.

  • Jack Smith

    Pretty excited to see what it is all about. These have increased disk/SSD storage and there are rumors that Google is taking the Chromebook to the next level.

    Hope that Google enables the ability to use Linux/GNU fully without developer. Today you can do it through containers but it requires a fake chroot. Or you use developer.

    Since the VM expert moved over now almost 2 years ago and there is rumors of comments in the code around KVM it could be very, very cool.

    My guess is a combination of VMs and containers to make it so you do NOT have to run multiple kernels like VMs but somehow a combination such that parts of the kernel are shared (containers) and then other aspect the privilege aspect is accomplished by using the KVM code in the Linux kernel.

    Google MUST keep the ChromeOS aspect locked down. The issue is that you just can NOT do everything with Linux with a fake chroot. That is the nut to crack.

    Now I do think the trend against requiring root is a very, very good thing. But the pace of getting there is not fast enough to wait. People finally get that software that does NOT need root should NOT be requiring.

  • Mr_Shifty

    2003 called, they want their aspect ratio back.