This problem is probably one of the most easy problems to fix on Chrome. So, if you’ve ever been in the situation when Chrome fails to reopen after an update and started it manually with no update, you’ve come to read the right lines. Considering that the auto-update system works pretty easy – you see the three bar symbol on the top right corner go through green, orange, red then restart- the escape solution is just as easy and you won’t have to reboot.

We bet you know that the best way to exit a program is by letting it terminate its session naturally, without forcing it to quit, and this applies most to the software that saves data on your hard drive, such as image editors or word processors. But Chrome doesn’t add up to this list so you can terminate it with Task Manager with no further problems.

The main reason why Chrome usually does not update when restarting is because it fails to shut down correctly in the beginning.

Which led us to the next solution: Open the Task Manager and search for files named chrome.exe. There should be more of them, so try to find the one that shows a bigger memory usage; this is most likely the one holding Chrome open. By killing that task, you will be terminating all browser processes and other instances and thus the browser will be able to start up and complete the update.

This works in 90 percent of the cases, but if it won’t work for you, you can always shut down your PC and start again. We hope this information will be useful for you in the future, at least now you know a new thing about how Chrome can be easily restarted using the Task Manager. If you found other options to do so, please share them with us in the comment section.