Google has begun blocking the direct access to some of the biggest torrent websites, such as RARBG, Torrentz, KickassTorrents or ExtraTorent. The main reason for this is that these sites contain harmful programs, but the bad thing is that the website administrators have no idea about their pages containing malicious content.

This situation caused some panic among users of Chrome, because the browser is currently blocking access to their favourite torrent websites. So, if you are one of these users, you have probably already seen the red warning notification that appears when trying to access such a website. The message sustained by the red banner is: “The site ahead contains harmful programs” and further “The site you’re trying to visit may try to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit),”. Of course, at a first sight you might get pretty confused, because you accessed it yesterday and it was all ok. Also, on some websites you might be able to get by the warning and continue your browsing, but others have been completely blocked.

Without specifying the main issue with these websites, they are listed with the comment suspicious and the additional information is that on these websites, third parties can easily add malicious content.

Unfortunately, the administrators of the websites in question have no idea what could be the problem, and the operator of RARBG says that they can’t find any more information than that not even in the Webmaster Tools provided by Google.

After more lobby made on this issue, Google finally posted additional info in Webmaster Tools.

After a deep analysis, ExtraTorrent claimed that the malicious programs reported by Google are just some false positives and that there is no malicious software here. Browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Chromium are able to load their website. After contacting Google, they managed to unblock their websites, and so did RARBG.

However, Google didn’t mention any malicious software issues as being the reason for the blockage and intense warnings, which made us believe that the alarms were triggered by some of the ads ran by these websites. You can skip the warning by disabling the malware warnings in Chrome.