Dell has just released a keyboard designed especially for Chrome OS, priced at $20. The keyboard is very similar to those on Chromebooks, also being quite minimalistic.

Currently the Chrome keyboard is only available in the US, but it should become available on other areas in the following weeks, according to the company.

As it was to be expected, the keyboard will work with any operating system, but it’s designed especially for Chrome OS, so we don’t recommend you to get it if you’re planning to use it with other operating system. It comes with the search button instead of caps lock and it also features all the top row of keys that replace Windows and Mac functions keys.

You should also know that it’s a wired keyboard, so you won’t be very satisfied if you’re looking to get rid of cables. It’s also worth noting that it’s powered by an USB port, as Chromeboxes don’t come with the old serial ports. Fortunately, it comes with an included numpad, so you won’t miss that at least.

Unfortunately there aren’t many Chrome keyboards on the market, so the competition isn’t there yet, but it seems like manufacturers are starting offering them, so we might see a lot of new Chrome OS devices and peripherals next year.

Until then, this is one of the few options for you and we think it’s worth the low price of $20. Once it becomes available in other countries, we’ll let you know.