In case you are one of the owners of Google’s Chromecast, you most likely utilized the device with the mobile hotspot on your smartphone on occasion. Sadly, a particular update to the Google Play services which has been made two months ago made the feature not work anymore.

To be more specific, we are referring to the ability to use your phone’s mobile hotspot for your Chromecast or Chromecast audio’s connection. The guys at Android Police wrote about the fact the 11.0.55 update to Play Services broke the function. Of course, the Chromecast users were displeased with this and made a lot of complaints on the Google forums, and the moderators generally said that Chromecast does not have support for mobile hotspots officially because they are not secure enough.

This is not so far from the truth because mobile hotspots are not really known for they security features. Nevertheless, a certain member of the Chromecast team made a commentary which gave some hope to the users. The team member mentioned that, even though Chromecast is not officially meant to support mobile hotspots, the problem will be solved and the fix will be launched during this summer.

In spire of the fact that the official fix is not available just yet, it seems that the newest Beta variant of Google Play has solved this issue. We are talking about the 11.5.03 version of the service which is in the Beta version for now, but it will be released in the near future.

It’s good to see that Google has resolved the problem so quickly since they could have easily said they can’t do anything about it since the feature is not supported officially.