Using Chromebook secure shell can be a lot easier and more efficient on this kind of machine if you’re an administrator for Linux servers. This is an easy guide on how to use SSH using Chrome OS.

Yes, Chromebooks can be a great solution if you need a mobile tool to administrate remotely one or more Linux servers. You can save your standard laptop for other activities and you won’t have to carry it around anymore because the Chromebook is easier to transport while the Chrome OS is less expensive and faster, and actually more reliable from certain points of view.

Using another Linux device to administer Linux servers makes the SSH process easier, but you can also do this using a Windows terminal with the help of the Putty tool. And now you’ll learn how to secure shell to Linux servers from a Chrome OS terminal.

If you would have tried to do so a couple of months ago, before the ssh command to be erased from Crosh, all that you had to do was to write the ssh command in the Crosh shell; but now you need to install on your Chromebook, the Secure Shell Extension for Chrome.

How to Install the Chromebook Secure Shell extension on Chrome

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and go to the Secure Shell extension page;
  • On the pop-up presenting the extension click on Add To Chrome; 
  • Next, click on Add App;
  • Wait for the installation to finish.

The Secure Shell tool will now show in your apps list. Open it and enjoy your sessions.

How to use the Chromebook Secure Shell Extension

As soon as it’s open, you’ll have to enter the login requirements – port, username, hostname in order to connect to your servers. Hit Connect and you’re ready to go.

The next terminal that appears will be the one for your servers; next, insert the credentials for your account and start the ssh session.

Given that the SS extension remembers the connection, next time you’ll need to administer your Linux servers, you’ll be able to click on the previous connection established shown in the window and  reconnect quicker. Enjoy!