Here’s what you need to know to easely clean spreadsheets of duplicate information, translate text and some more useful tasks using these cool features on your Chromebook. Google spreadsheets have a lot of formats you can joggle with depending on what your projects require. And the features the service provides allow you to deal easily with issues like platform compatibility, formatting or dealing with long sheets of unorganized data. To address these, you have in hand a set of add-ons that can take your work a lot easier and along this post, you will find out how to deal with the five most common challenges when facing big data.


When working with foreign customers, it is pretty common to have to translate certain documents. Google makes this a lot easier through its Translate add-on, which can translate texts into five languages, that are always shown in the sidebar on the right of your document.

So, instead of taking the text and putting it in a Google Translate Tab, you can see the translation of the selected text without leaving the tab. After highlighting your text, you will be able to translate into five default languages: French, Spanish, German, Japanese and, of course, English. The add-on will also insert the translation back into the document after you’ve hit Insert.

Remove Duplicates

If you’ve worked with spreadsheets a lot, you know how consuming it is to eliminate duplicate data, even when using formulas; but this add-on can certain improve that experience.

The Remove Duplicates add-on offers you two tools. The first, Find duplicates or uniques scans a single sheet and checks the selected columns for duplicate or unique rows and displays the first that have been identified in the search results. The second one, Compare columns or sheets, can look for duplicates and unique values in the columns across two sheets. Instead of spending a couple of hours removing duplicates, you can now do that work in a few minutes.

Consistency Checker

Some people might enjoy the perk of having proofreaders to double-check and correct important documents or articles. However, everyone can use Google’s Consistency Checker. This tool will search your documents for abbreviations, spell-errors, inconsistent hyphenation and so on. It also scans and highlights typos like numerals in the middle of a sentence. To correct the errors thus found, you can use Doc’s Find and Replace feature.

Working like a virtual proofreader, you can use this add-on to double check reports, contracts or other stuffy documents that require a lot of time to go through.

Data everywhere

Working with Excel documents can also be a challenge sometimes, especially when you meet compatibility issues; but this is where Data Everywhere steps in, eliminating all these problematic occurrences between the two platforms. By connecting the spreadsheet to the Google file, the add-on formats the data to the requirements of each program, so that both Xcel and Google spreadsheets users can have it easier.

Google Docs to WordPress

The entire publishing process will take you a lot less after you’ve installed the Google Docs to WordPress add-on. You can now open a Google file directly in a WordPress post; Select the option Create Post and upload the document. The neat thing is that it will automatically format the text according to your blog’s theme and includes the images in the doc, already optimized for the blog. Before publishing the post, you will be able to see a preview of it, in order to make the final corrections