In this article we are going to tell you about a few games that can help you chase the boredom away on your Chromebook. The suggestions we are about to make are easy to play and find, because most of them have a mobile version for quite some time now. In order to get them, you’ll have to enter the Chrome Web Store and select the category Games, then start looking for what suits you. The game selection is huge and considering the popularity of Chromebook devices, we’re sure you can easily find some of your favourite games.

And because it is still a new platform, growing day by day, the usage is also rising, as well as the competition between developers that want to get their apps on the platform. And this is already visible. You will see that our selection of games is free and nevertheless, interesting.

Before you get started with the list, we will give you a small disclaimer. You won’t find games like Minecraft, Starcraft or World of Warcraft in our list. These types of games cannot be played on Chrome OS or they need a little bit of tinkering in order to make them work on Chrome. When we talk about great games, we refer to those that have a web version ready to be played in browser. If you are a gamer, then this device won’t do for you. In fact, don’t buy a Chromebook if you aim playing hardware demanding games on it.

Number 1: Angry Birds

Angry Birds Chromebook

Angry Birds is the first game in our list. Every one knows it, almost every one played it al least once and it is still on a popularity wave.

If you don’t know the game play by now, we can tell you that you have to ensure the survival of the birds while getting revenge on those green pics. If you are looking for its online version, you will find a lot of versions on the same theme, just enough to keep you hooked for hours.

Visit Google Web Store and download it for free.

Number 2: Entanglement


In this game you have to find the longest path possible on the playing field, which is made of hexagonal tiles. During the game, you will have to rotate the hexagonal tiles and stretch the path in ‘m. Even though this might not sound very interesting, after getting started you won’t be able to stop, especially if you’re a fan of puzzle games.

This game can also be played in multiplayer and you’ll have to make sure that not only you don’t reach the wall, but also not to cross paths with those of the other players. If you want to play alone, then you can simply aim for the highest score possible.

Available for free download on Google Web Store.

Number 3: Poppit!


This game is pretty similar to Bejeweled, considering that you have to group same colour items (balloons, more precisely) to get a high score. The point is to pop them all. At the moment, the game is played by 4.2 million people -and that’s the active number of users.

You can get Poppit! from Google Web Store.

Number 4: Bejeweled

We believe that this game is so popular right now that it needs no further introduction. There are over 1 million people already playing this game on their Chromebooks and in the past 10 yeas more than 10 million people have played on their phones and desktops. Of course you know this game, so you won’t need any more explanations.

If you’re interested in re-playing it, download it on your Chromebook from Google Web Store.

Number 5: Tank Riders

Tank Riders

There’s not much to think about in this game, all you have to do is shot the tanks, emplacements and walls using the default artillery. The little tank will go through different levels of obstacles with the soul purpose to survive until the end of the maze. As the difficulty grows you will be attacked by more and more oncoming tanks.

The different levels also provide a different world around the tank. Tank Riders is a neat 3D game and we’re sure that it’s a game for everyone in the family, thank to its colourful and vibrant graphics, the fast paced actions and explorations all combined into a fun, online game.

Number 6: Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope Chromebook

This is Om Nom. You’re goal in this game is to make sure that Om Nom is happy, and the only way to make it happy is by feeding it and collecting stars. You need to make Om Nom reach the candy that hangs on one or more ropes, by cutting the ropes in the right order and collecting as many stars you can before the little green creature eats the candy.

Of course, the more difficult it gets as you play. As you advance you will find more obstacles, blowers to help you direct the candy and bubbles that trap the sweet and floats with it. Magic heads, portals and many more other features will spring your way to make the game more interesting.

You’ll love spending your time on it, so go ahead and download it from Google Web Store.

Number 7: Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider Chromebook

This is a pretty addictive game that counts around 800,000 users at the moment. Your only goal in Canvas Rider is to control the bike rider among all sorts of challenging tracks and not kill him. It is not a wildly amazing game when in comes to graphics; its 2D wireframe graphics are going to bring a lot of fun and addiction.

This version is no longer updated because now the game has its third version up and running, but you can still try the 1.5 million tracks already available. And while you’re there, the version 3 of the game deserves a try as well.

Google Web Store has them both so go ahead and download them for free.

Number 8: Command And Conquer Tiberium Alliances


If you used to be a fan of Command and Conquer you will love this online remake. We know that nothing will be able to replace that game for you, and even though this one doesn’t have the modern graphics game developers like to parade with nowadays, it can be really fun to play.

Of course, it is available for free on Google Web Store app.

Number 9: Solitaire

Even though you were expecting for this game to be long gone, people seem very keen on it. At the moment, Solitaire gathers around 500,000 users worldwide without any fancy graphics, distracting ads and unnecessary buttons. So, if you’re into card games and like to make a session anytime you have a small break or in the airplane, you will definitely enjoy this clean version of Solitaire, which can also be played offline. You can find it in the Google Web Store.

And this is it. This is our short list of the best games on Chromebook. Of course, this short list can differ from person to person and we are very interested to know which ones are on your shortlist. Leave a comment below and tell us what games you currently play on your Chromebook.