Many of our readers complained that there were times when their beloved Chromebook will not update properly or even does not start to update to the latest firmware version at all. From our experience the two most common causes of a Chromebook not updating are that either their machine was connected to a cellular network (we will detail this case scenario below) or two, they recently bought a laptop that has a rather old firmware version and it can not initiate the update process automatically. Let us explain and try to help you find a solution for the two given situations above.

Chromebooks and cellular networks

It is plain simple. If you are connected to a cellular network the machine won’t be able to update. To rephrase, it will not update. This is due to the fact that most data plans have limited amounts of traffic included and going over that would translate into huge costs after a, let’s say,full system update. The obvious solution to this is to switch to a WiFi network and get things going. In case you are willing to pay the extra cash for the traffic or have a unlimited cellular network plan there is a way to update.

How to update Chromebook on cellular networks:

  1. Press the following CTRL + Alt + T
  2. Type the command : “update_over_cellular_ebable” and hit Enter key.
  3. Navigate to the Settings menu then  head to About Chrome OS (you will find it as a link at the upper portion of the Setting window) and tick the box with Check & Apply Updates

How to update your Chromebook from older firmware versions.

If you find yourself in the situation of updating from an old firmware version and find yourself stuck here is what to do:

  1. First things first, be a good lad and help Google learn something from your experience so others are spared of this trouble in the future. To report any problem simply stroke Alt+ Shift + I keys and a feedback form will be ready for your winning in no time. Go ahead and detail your problem and end the description with @adlr ( a super nice guy that is quite active and interested in troubleshooting these scenarios)
  2. Before goind any further please consider backing up all your data. 
  3. Switch to Beta channel on your Chromebook then revert to Stable channel and search for the available updates now.  Please note that this action will delete all your Chomebook data. Go to the Settings Tab again to the About Chrome OS then More Info and tick the Apply updates button then Change Channel  and switch to Beta. Be sure to also check the box for Powerwash.

If your Chromebook refuses to update even after the steps mentioned above, you’ll have to perform a manual Chrome Os reinstall. Do not panic it’s not as hard as it may sound and is should take under 15 minutes. Below you will find a list of thing needed to reinstall Chrome OS on your Chromebook:

  • Another computer or your old Chromebook
  • A  storage option which can be either an USB stick or a good old SD card that has at least 4GB of free juice.

In case you are an experienced Windows user and previously dealt with burning CD’s with the operating system, you’re in luck as the process is very similar except we’re not using a CD.  Before anything go ahead and Download the latest version of Chrome Operating System from here.

  1. Go ahead and download the Chromebook Recovery Utility Chrome app from here.
  2. Press on the Get Started button and select your Chromebook model from the list that opens and continue the process.
  3. It’s now time to insert the storage solution (SD card or USB stick) into your machine and give the tool some seconds to detect it select it from the list and continue the process.
  4. Press Create now button and you are done.
  5. After you created the recovery image on your USB stick or SD card we’ll use it to install the OS on your Chromebook

On your Chromebook

  1. Place your Chromebook in recovery mode. If you are not sure how exactly to do that a complete guide can be found here.
  2. Insert the SD card or USB stick. It should autorun without any effort from your part.
  3. Sit back and enjoy.

Having trouble trying to update your Chromebook to the latest firmware version? Leave us a comment below and we’ll be eager to help.