For those of you who write in more languages on their PCs or laptops, it is not a secret that changing the language in which Google Chrome does its spellchecking every time you write in another language can become a huge fuss. But good news are coming your way: Google Chrome will soon have a feature that will allow it to recognise the language you are typing in and spellcheck your text. Also, the option to switch between languages will work quicker.

We discovered this new functionality in the official change log of the release, and since we know that many people have been asking for such a feature, we thought we’d dig more into it, especially that people have been mentioning it since 2008. We can tell you for sure that the dev version 45.0.2453.0 is now available on developer channels, waiting to be finalised for the masses.

In case you didn’t know by now, the Chrome browser is only the commercial version of Google’s Internet browser, which has all the options and features that go through various Google channels. The public open source version is Chromium, and in this platform everyone can contribute to the code and even make certain selections of the features, remake the design and share their versions with the others. After the Google Chrome team has approved and added the new modifications to Chromium, the additions are installed on Chrome as well.

However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up yet because there is a long path from the public release of this browser version until all the bugs and caveats are fixed. Julius Alexander IV, the head of developers dealing with this feature stated that at the moment they have only finished integrating the UI, which means that for now the language switch button doesn’t work and Chrome won’t actually spellcheck your text in a different language. And besides, Mac users won’t be able to use the feature, because the OS X uses a Chrome browser system that isn’t the same with the one natively built.

After downloading the last Chrome version you will see that two languages can be checked in the sub-menu, at Spell-checker options. Even though the functionality is inactive for now, you can still get an idea on how this will work when it will be ready. So, practically Chrome will be able to detect the language in which you are typing by checking the available dictionaries for the two languages and if a word is mistaken it will underlined in red.

If you’d want to add a new language for spellchecking, you can do so by going to chrome://settings/languages, and a new button that says Use this language for spell checking will appear and you can add it to the right-click list after switching it on.

These are all the details we can give you about the new feature, and since it is only at its beginning we don’t know for sure if the feature will survive the tests, but the progress bar tells us that this won’t be the case. So, we will keep you posted with the updates on this.