Chromebooks are slowly but steadily turning into powerful machines that more and more people turn to for both work and leisure. While they usually do not pack powerful hardware they can definitely compensate when it comes to versatility and customization and let’s face it, we all love wallpapers but what happens after you switched to Chrome OS you find yourself stuck wanting to change the default Chromebook wallpaper? You should be aware that your Chromebook can be customized to suit even an excentric artist’s needs using themes and wallpapers. This tutorial will show you how to change your Chromebook wallpaper and how to gain access to whole new color palette for your user interface. 

How To Change Your Chromebook Wallpaper

  1. Obviously you must fire up your laptop and perform a right click on any given point of your current Chromebook desktop wallpaper.
  2. You will now be presented with an option “Change Desktop Background” – click on it
  3. You can notice a little + sign located in the lower left part of your fresh opened options box. Go ahead and click on that “+”. Next select the Browse option that can be found located just below the Places tab in the left side and select any image you wish to change your current Chromebook wallpaper with. Click on Open and you are have succeeded changing your Chromebook wallpaper with a custom image.
  4. If you do not have any images to chose from your disk or cloud, here is a good Chrome wallpaper plugin to help you with just that.